Zoo Products, The Ultimate in Pet Accessories, opened its first shop in Melbourne in February 1988 by Hugh and Julee Brown, selling Pet Products, NOT PETS, to pet lovers who previously had to obtain their goods from overseas.   

PUPPY CONNECTIONS by Zoo Products has been added as a training service, in house or home visit to puppy/dog owners who are being bossed around by their furkids.

Learn to communicate, bond and be seen as the pack leader.  (By appointment only)

Hugh and Julee now operate one shop in Perth Western Australia, where many tourists from around the world also choose to shop while on holiday in Australia. Often described by our well-traveled clientele "The best of it's type in the world."

We are small business and West Australian owned.


Zoo Products' friendly team is led by Hugh and Julee, with Roslyn returning as Manager, ably assisted by Jiaqi(提供中文服务).

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A New Way to Shop


Tied to your family or business?

Not enough time to get out to your favourite store?



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Brings our store to you


Skype, Viber, Face time


Sit in the comfort of your Home or Office; communicate with the personal expertise of your Zoo Crew showing you around their store.

Introducing you to all the new and exciting goodies for your fur babies.


Pay over the phone, then drive by pickup, or have delivered local/worldwide for minimal cost.


Zoo Products

The Ultimate in Pet Accessories

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Still thinking of ways to offer a difference

WA Owned